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If you become a Freediver or even if you just wanne try freediving to see what it is all about it will enhance some of your skills that will make you a better scuba diver. After doing a freedive course you will have practiced relaxation techniques that will make it easier for you to really relax deeper underwater, even with a tank on your back.

There are many breathing techniques that you will learn on a course. Those you can also apply while scuba diving and will just let you breath more comfortable and naturally. When it comes to the general coordination of your body underwater you will develop a new range of movements that will make it easier for you to maneuver underwater, even with the heavy scuba equipment.

Last but not least your air consumption will become a lot better. If you are a heavy breather and are just looking for some more bottom time it is also a good idea to enroll in one of our courses. After you will find yourself coming up with a lot more air left than before and you won't have to be the person to run out of air first in the dive group anymore.